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TI’s AM335x is announced …!

Really cool device indeed.

TI’s AM335x based on ARM Cortex A8 running at 720MHz, support for mDDR, DDR2/DDR3, lots of in built peripherals like ADC (can be configured to be Touch screen controller), USB PHY(two numbers), EMAC, LCD controller, CAN, PWM, 3D graphics acceleration, etc.

More details about device and its capabilities can be found here,

Now the interesting stuff, the first board that comes out of this product is a Beagleboard bone 🙂 – It is just 89$ platform that can be used to prototype products, evaluate high level operating system distributions like Android, Linux and try out OS less software libraries called starterware. They are also planning to support RTOS from mentor, Windriver, etc.

Coming back a bit, Android is fully functional on this device “AM335x”. Two ways to get access :

– Get EVM that gives fully functional Android feature set.

– Get Beaglebone : This will allow you to run Android but since there is no display on board, we provide you in built VNC app, that can be used to access the Android screen over ethernet. This should be good enough for any app developer to go live … has support for AM335x, choose the target product as am335xevm or beaglebone accordingly.

In next few days we will be putting more documents and wikis to help you understand the product and Android offering better.

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