Android 4.0 IceCream on Beagleboard XM (TI AM37x – ARM Cortex A8)

You thought we would be late – didn’t you ? – Impossible !!! brings you first cut of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on Texas Instruments AM37x based Beagleboard XM (ARM Cortex A8 at 1GHz).

This is very preliminary version and there is lot more do, we are continuing our efforts to evaluate and bring in support for all other peripherals like Audio, video, connectivity, SGX acceleration etc. This might take some time.

The official TI DevKit  release is still not planned yet as we have to evaluate the performance on each arowboat supported devices like AM37x, AM335x, AM35x, etc.

Complete details about building sources, pre-built image to quickly evaluate ICS on beagleboard and source locations for download are documented by Pankaj Bharadiya from arowboat team here,

Coming soon : ICS on Beaglebone 🙂

Happy Thanks Giving.


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