• arowboat.org is a open community portal for Android on Texas Instruments devices


Goals of  arowboat project

  • Provide a stable Google Android base port for TI devices based platforms, example: OMAP35x, AM35x, AM37x and DM37x platforms.
  • Enable key  hardware features like ARM plus NEON, DSP, 2D/3D Accelerated Graphics, Hardware accelerated scaler, rotation,  and others on TI devices.


Key differentiators among many others

  • Active and open development of a quality Android port
  • Focused on a stable, well tested and benchmarked Android port for TI devices
  • Performance optimizations for Graphics, Multimedia and others
  • Peripheral integration like WLAN, Bluetooth, Sensors, etc
  • Complete support through community for TI EVMs, Community platforms like Beagleboard, Hawkboard, Craneboard, opensourcemid and other platforms from TI partners like IGEP, DevKit 8000, etc


Who might be interested in this project

  • Groups planning to use Android on TI devices
  • Open community platform (Beagle, Crane, Hawk) users with an interest in Android
  • Android OS and Android application developers
  • Above all : Everyone considering Android beyond handsets


Where to get started

  • Check the project status on Development
  • See the Rowboat wiki
  • Try pre-built Android Images from TI DevKit
  • IRC chat #rowboat on irc.freenode.net
  • Mailing list rowboat@googlegroups.com
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