hosts Android Quiz and Hackers corner hosts Android Quiz and Android Hackers corner at

Texas Instruments sponsored Android hackers’ corner

  • Get access to multiple open platforms like Pandaboard, beagleboard, craneboard, beaglebone, etc
  • Fueling stations where you can find pre-built images, Android tools, sources and lot more developer resources to install/copy & setup your laptops
  • Talk to experts from on multimedia, 3D graphics acceleration, Android internals, Embedded Linux, etc.
  • Get trained instantly on basics to advanced topics on Android.
  • Go Live on Android development for embedded and mobile products / applications.

Win exciting prizes every hour and bumper prize “beaglebone” !!!!

Participate in arowboat Android Quiz and win prizes every hour for two continuous days

The steps are simple,

a)       Follow us on, you will be auto followed.

b)       Every hour questions will be posted on arowboat twitter account

c)       Answer the question, the first correct entry will win an exciting prize sponsored by Texas Instruments

d)       Get ready to win Beaglebone – Lucky draw among all the quiz participants on final day

Follow us on for more updates.

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Syed Mohammed Khasim


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